Copyright Application – SITRC

List of Filed Copyright Application of Sandip Foundations, Nashik (Maharashtra) 2018

SR. No. Title of Work Author Name Date of filing Diary Number
1 Study of customer relations with respect to distribution channel members Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4683/2018-CO/L
2 Retail market and horeca segment analysis Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4684/2018-CO/L
3 To study marketing mix of ramson and seven seas products in Nashik region Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4689/2018-CO/L
4 A study on retailer analysis about ramson and seven seas product in Nasik region Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4691/2018-CO/L
5 To study of consumer buying behavior towards amul milk product. Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4700/2018-CO/L
6 A study on consumer behavior Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4702/2018-CO/L
7 A study of competitor analysis of ramson industries Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 01-04-2018 4714/2018-CO/L
8 To study non performing assets , its recovery process and policy. Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Patil 01-04-2018 4682/2018-CO/L
9 The role of insurance regulatory and development authority with respect to controlling and regulating the insurance sector in India Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Patil 01-04-2018 4685/2018-CO/L
10 Export procedure and documentation Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Patil 01-04-2018 4687/2018-CO/L
11 To study the awareness of health insurance and claim settlement process Prof. Sarika Patil 01-04-2018 4688/2018-CO/L
12 To study the occupational health management system Prof. Sarika Patil 01-04-2018 4695/2018-CO/L
13 A study on compliances under labor laws Prof. Sarika Patil 01-04-2018 4697/2018-CO/L
14 Comparison between different schemes of mutual funds Prof. Sarika Patil 01-04-2018 4699/2018-CO/L
15 To study employee job satisfaction Prof. Sarika Patil 01-04-2018 4706/2018-CO/L
16 Identification of potential customers Prof. Sarika Patil 01-04-2018 4715/2018-CO/L
17 Analysis of aluminum sector of Indian industry Prof. Prabodhan Patil 01-04-2018 4680/2018-CO/L
18 Comparative analysis of insurance company with respect to its products, services and returns Prof. Prabodhan Patil 01-04-2018 4681/2018-CO/L
19 To study working capital management Prof. Prabodhan Patil 01-04-2018 4693/2018-CO/L
20 Functional business & revenue model for maxima centrifuge controls Prof. Prabodhan Patil 01-04-2018 4703/2018-CO/L
21 Consumer perception towards life insurance Prof. Prabodhan Patil 01-04-2018 4704/2018-CO/L
22 A comparative study of ulip plans and mutual funds of reliance industries Prof. Prabodhan Patil 01-04-2018 4717/2018-CO/L
23 A study on customer retention strategy Prof. Rahul Mandale 01-04-2018 4692/2018-CO/L
24 A study of competitor analysis Prof. Rahul Mandale 01-04-2018 4696/2018-CO/L
25 Analysis of brand preference of electrician Prof. Rahul Mandale 01-04-2018 4705/2018-CO/L
26 A study on market mapping in nashik region Prof. Rahul Mandale 01-04-2018 4711/2018-CO/L
27 Sales analysis of ramson and seven seas product in Nashik Prof. Rahul Mandale 01-04-2018 4712/2018-CO/L
28 A study on brand awareness program Prof. Rahul Mandale 01-04-2018 4713/2018-CO/L
29 A study of employee satisfaction on health, safety & welfare Prof. Adesh Solanke 01-04-2018 4690/2018-CO/L
30 Market analysis of amul milk products for Dhule region Prof. Adesh Solanke 01-04-2018 4707/2018-CO/L

List of Filed Copyright Application of Sandip Foundations, Nashik (Maharashtra) 2016

S. No. Title of work Author Date Dairy No.
1 “Recruitment as a Career of choice”   for Buzz corporate services Pvt. Ltd. Prof. Sarika Patil 05/05/2016 5424/2016-CO/L
2 Identification of Mentors in Hal, Nashik Prof. Sarika Patil 05/05/2016 5425/2016-CO/L
3 Employee satisfaction survey Prof. Sarika Patil 05/05/2016 5426/2016-CO/L
4 “Employee engagement” for powerinst ltd. Nashik Prof. Sarika Patil 05/05/2016 5427/2016-CO/L
5 Study of payroll administration “For vsys technologies Prof. Sarika Patil 05/05/2016 5433/2016-CO/L
6 The effect of social media marketing on pantaloons fashion and retail ltd Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 05/05/2016 5437/2016-CO/L
7 Challenges to promote Indian mango pulp in international market at freshtrop fruits ltd.” For freshtrop fruits ltd Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 05/05/2016 5447/2016-CO/L
8 Market research – online real estate portals vis-à-vis traditional real estate agents for Prof. Rahul Mandale 09/05/2016 5583/2016-CO/L
9 A study on consumer buying behavior towards  residential  properties  in Nashik”. Prof. Rahul Mandale 09/05/2016 5584/2016-CO/L
10 Google my business page – as a promotional tool “for vision courier (first flight courier services) Prof. Adesh Solanke 09/05/2016 5585/2016-CO/L
11 Market share of Apollo tyres in passenger car radial in Nashik area Prof. Adesh Solanke 09/05/2016 5586/2016-CO/L
12 A study the sales promotional strategy of empire spins and foods ltd. Prof. Sarika Patil,  Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil 09/05/2016 5587/2016-CO/L
13 Branding and promotion of paint & wall products “at icon paint pvt. Ltd Prof. Prabodhan Patil 09/05/2016 5589/2016-CO/L
14 To study import export policies and practices of ameya exim Prof. (Dr.) Shuchi Gautam,

Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Patil

09/05/2016 5590/2016-CO/L
15 The study of various investment options and analysis of investment pattern of investors” for   “axis bank Prof. (Dr.) Shuchi Gautam 09/05/2016 5607/2016-CO/L
16 Study of credit rating system” for bank of Baroda Nashik road branch Prof. (Dr.) Shuchi Gautam 10/05/2016 5653/2016-CO/L
17 Msm entrepreneur’s perception towards loan     provided by Andhra bank with respect to raichur branch” for  Andhra bank Prof. Prabodhan Patil 10/05/2016 5654/2016-CO/L
18 Analysis of risk in derivate market Prof. Prabodhan Patil 10/05/2016 5655/2016-CO/L
19 To study the mutual fund and their comparison Prof. (Dr.) Shuchi Gautam 10/05/2016 5656/2016-CO/L
20 Credit risk management  of commercial loans” Prof. (Dr.)  Shuchi Gautam 10/05/2016 5657/2016-CO/L
21 Non performing asset Prof. Prabodhan Patil 16/05/2016 5867/2016-CO/L
22 Trading education in Indian brokerage industry” for shah investor home ltd Prof. Prabodhan Patil 16/05/2016 5872/2016-CO/L
23 An analytical study of mortgage loan with reference to bank of Baroda Prof. (Dr.)  Shuchi Gautam 16/05/2016 5874/2016-CO/L