Civil Engineering

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Dr. Jyotiprakash G. Nayak

Department of Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering is one of the oldest streams of Engineering in the world. Apart from being the oldest branch, this is one branch which incorporates expertise from several different streams including geotechnical sciences, structural engineering, environmental studies, hydraulics, transportation and hydrology. Clearly, this makes Civil Engineering – the largest stream in the engineering world. Civil Engineering at SITRC The department started its operation in the academic year 2014-15 and it’s instrumental in providing degree granting graduate level courses in Civil Engineering with the intake of 60 students per academic year. Department proudly boasts the convergence of leading researchers from all over India in the teaching faculty pool. Corporates heavyweights have taken the initiative to act as advisor to faculty members and hence the curriculum is not only research-led and cutting edge but it’s also aligned to the present day requirements in industries.

This directly helps in producing industry ready graduates who can add value in the organisation right from the day one.