Faculty Welfare

Sr. No. Name of Welfare Facility
1 Employee Provident Fund
2 Gratuity
3 Medical Insurance for Employees
4 Superannuation Scheme (LIC Pension)
5 Lien
6 Staff Loan Facility from the Institute’s Cooperative
Credit Society
7 Maternity leaves for female Teaching & Non-Teaching
8 Women Empowerment programs
9 Emergency service (Ambulance, etc.)
10 Tie-up with hospitals (providing discount on Medical treatment bills)
11 Free transportation facility for Non-teaching staff
12 Family and Bachelors accommodation for needy staff
13 Financial support for up-gradation of Qualification
14 Financial support for up-gradation of Knowledge through QIP/ Conferences/Workshops
15 Sponsoring Membership of Professional bodies
16 Recognition of Faculty against Achievement