Automation & Robotics

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Dr. Gaurav D. Sonawane

Department of Automation and Robotics Engineering

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Overview of the Program and Department:

At the outset of Industry 4.0 initiatives, there is consistently growing demand for the engineers working with interdisciplinary approach. Machines and systems of the future would operate more autonomously with minimal human intervention. This will enhance stealth in material handling at every stage of manufacturing or service and minimising operational cost at the same time. This paradigm shift can be well served through the successful automation of the processes and sometimes replacement of human labour with robots.

To accomplish these motives, SITRC established the department dedicated to automation and robotics engineering under aegis of board of mechanical engineering since academic year 2020-2021. The program has sanctioned intake of 60 and affiliated to SPPU,Pune. The program will build the engineers through interdisciplinary studies encompassing computer engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The department is composed of dedicated senior faculty members from the core field to conduct rigorous academics. Also, there will be blend of faculties from other streams as per the demand of curriculum. The department has procured robotic arm for the demonstration purpose. Also, there is an established labs for Mechatronics as well as hydraulics and pneumatics to give practical insight to the students on sensors and actuators. The department has nurtured culture of closer industry-institute interactions. There are compulsory visits to various industries which have implemented higher level automations. This has fetched numerous opportunities to our students through industrial projects, internships etc. The department also offers various Value Added Programs towards skill enhancement of the students beyond regular curriculum. To keep an upper edge in this competitive world, the department also offers honors degree programs in the fields like Electric Vehicle Technologies along with regular Bachelor’s program.

Students can make headway in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Aviation, Automobile, Agriculture and Defence etc. Typical jobs offered in various sectors include: Robotics Engineer, Design Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Robotics Scientist, Software Developer for automation, Machinery Condition Monitor etc. The proclivity towards smart technologies will keep this field all the time on the search of skilled human resource which requires in-depth understanding and command on hardware as well as software development.