Workshop is a place where engineering students and teachers can be able to convert their ideas into reality. Here engineers can experiment and receive hands on experience. The workshop staff is dedicated to pay attention for imparting the various skill set to the students. The various shops like Machine Shop, Welding Shops, Carpentry and Fitting shops are well equipped with conventional as well as advanced machinery. Machines Shop is a good blend of conventional belt drive and gear drive lathe machines with advanced CNC turning Lathe. It also consists of milling machine, radial drilling machine, shaping and slotting machine with surface grinder and power hacksaw. Welding shop consists of arc welding transformer, arc welding rectifier, MIG (CO2), spot welding and Oxy-acetylene welding. Carpentry and Fitting shops consists of wood turning machine. Circular saw with surface planer and Pillar drilling machine along with the basic equipments required to perform the task.

In addition to above machinery workshop is also equipped with sheet bending machine, forming machine, Hydraulic pipe bending machine, Manual pipe bending machine, Injection/ Plastic molding machine, shearing machine, surface planer and furnace.

List of Faculty:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Designation
1 Dr. Gaurav Dinkar Sonawane Workshop Superintendent
2 Mr. Tarachand Bulaji Kapade Instructor (Carpenter)
3 Mr. Sagar Murlidhar Niphade Instructor (Turner)
4 Mr. Pravin Mangesh Dere Instructor (Welder)