Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Dr. Amit R. Gadekar

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

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About Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science:

The Department Artificial Intelligence and Data Science started in the Academic Year 2021 – 22, at the Sandip Institute of  Technology and Research Centre affiliated to Savatribai Phule Pune University, Pune offers at Engineering Undergraduate Program (UG) leading to the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech), with an intake of 60.

The department has state-of-the-art laboratories, computing facilities and qualified faculty members.


Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a new branch of study which deals with scientific methodologies, processes, and techniques drawn from different domains like statistics, cognitive science, and computing and information science to extract knowledge from structured data and unstructured data.AI and Data science is the current trend ruling the business world and it is highly paid career now. Artificial Intelligence and data science is a suitable course for those who would like to develop various intelligent business solutions. Big data solutions have changed the way how business models to be built and run. This study contributes much in manufacturing, e-commerce, banking, finance, transport and healthcare industry. In this course, Student will learn how to design, create and implement AI and DS based software solutions to solve actual business problems. This course helps to explore concepts such as AI, Data analytics, Data visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, semantic web and social network analytics, Block chain Technologies, and Data Security and Privacy.
AI and DS graduates will be able to design, and develop intelligent business applications to solve various industrial problems. They use the latest tools and open source technologies to recommend the required solutions. They can figure out how to evaluate the ethical, legitimate, proficient and social standards of engineering knowledge and practices. These graduates can also exhibit their domain knowledge in data handling, knowledge extraction, mobile and distributed application development, intelligence web/ecommerce development, database administration, computer hardware, networking, education and training and decision support systems using AI and Data Science tools and techniques.


  • AI and DS course aims to indulge knowledge in the core technologies such as artificial intelligence, data warehousing, data mining and data modeling.
  • To make ready students expertise in thrust areas such as machine learning and big data analytics.