Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To prepare graduates with sufficient capabilities in Computer Engineering, who can become researchers, entrepreneurs and software professionals.
PEO 2: To inculcate the professional ethics & values into graduates for their successful career and accomplishments.
PEO 3: To manifest professionalism, teamwork & expose to current trends towards continuous learning.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO 1 | Engineering Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and basics of computer engineering to identify, formulate & solve.
PO 2 | Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, review and analyze computer hardware and software system.
PO 3 | Design / Development of Solutions: Design, implementation and evaluate computer based system as per the needs and specifications.
PO 4 | Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems: Use research based knowledge, research methods, analytical methodologies, modern engineering tools and algorithmic approach to analyze and solve complex problems.
PO 5 | Modern Tool Usage: To adapt the usage of modern tools and recent software.
PO 6 | The Engineer and Society: To contribute towards the society by understanding the impact of Engineering on global aspect.
PO 7 | Environment and Sustainability: To understand environment issues and design a sustainable system.
PO 8 | Ethics:  To understand and follow professional ethics.
PO 9 | Individual and Team Work: To function effectively as an individual and as member or leader in diverse teams and interdisciplinary settings.
PO 10 | Communication: To demonstrate effective communication at various levels.
PO 11 | Project Management and Finance: To apply the knowledge of Computer Engineering for development of projects, and its finance and management.
PO 12 | Life – Long Learning: To keep in touch with current technologies and inculcate the practice of lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO 1 | Professional Skills: The ability to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to algorithms, system software, multimedia, web design, big data analytics, and networking for efficient design of computer-based systems of varying.
PSO 2 | Problem Solving Skills: The ability to apply standard practices and strategies in software project development using open-ended programming environments to deliver a quality product for business success.
PSO 3 | Successful Career and Entrepreneurship: The ability to employ modern computer languages, environments, and platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur, and a zest for higher studies.