Student Association of Young Information Technology Professional (SAYITp)

The Student Association of Young Information Technology Professional (SAYITp) is a primary part of the Department of Information Technology. The basic objective of the association is to enhance the technical skills of the students. SAYITp encouraged the students for their participation in various activities viz. Competitions, workshop, seminar, conference etc. It also organizes various activities such as technical awareness program, guidance for higher studies, social awareness program, soft skills, expert talks, training, placements, projects and seminars, for the overall development of the students.
The faculty in-charge Prof Sneha Arjun. Khaire, looks after the various activities of the SAYITp. The team members of the SAYITp are elected by the students.

Sr No Academic year Name of Team Members Designation
1 2020-21 Ms.Riddhi Jagale President
Mr.Sarvesh Lahare Vice-President
Ms.Bhushan Bisane & Ms.Ashwini Jadhav Treasurer
Mr.Sarvesh Chaudhari Secretary
2. 2019-20 Ms. Aslub Jahagirdar President
Mr. Pravin Pandit Vice-President
Mr. Sarthak Dhumal Treasurer
Mr. Rutik Thakur    Secretary
3 2018-19 Mr Pritam Sanghavi President
Mr Ankit Kumar Vice-President
Mr Pranit Mutha Treasurer
Ms Apurva Mhalas Secretary
4 2017-2018 Mr Pushkar Salve President
Mr Pranit Mutha Vice-President
Mr Hardik Parakh Treasurer
Ms Pooja Dighe Secretary
5 2016-2017 Mr. Raj Mugra President
Mr. Sujar Sutar Vice-President
Mr. Ranjt Pandit Treasurer
Ms. Sneha Vig Secretary
6 2015-2016 Mr. Tejas Rawal President
Mr. Raj Mugra Vice-President
Mr. Vinayak Yadav Treasurer
Ms. Smital Sachdev Secretary
7 2014-2015 Mr. Mithun Nerkar President
Ms.Pooja Godse Vice-President
Ms.Smital Sachdev Treasurer
Mr.Nishad Gite Secretary
8 2013-2014 Mr. Krish Bhanushali President
Mr. Mithun Nerkar Vice-President
Ms.Smital Sachdev Treasurer
Mr.Nishad Gite Secretary
9 2012-2013 Mr. Mazhar Shaikh President
Ms.Shamlee Narkhede Vice-President
Mr. Harshal Salve Treasurer
Ms. Kabita Ghosh Secretary
10 2011-2012 Mr. Paresh Jain President
Ms. Ashvini Poojari Vice-President
Mr. Amit Dhadse Treasurer
Mr. Amit Oswal Secretary