Idea Generation Symposium

This year ideas from diversified sector were submitted for evaluation:

  •  Agriculture-based Technologies
  •  Rural Development
  • Retrofitting Smart City Solutions
  •  Automobile
  •  Health-care
  •  Security-based Assistance
  •  Sanitation and Hygiene

Following are departmental statistics:
1) Engineering Sciences and Humanities 01
2) Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering 06
3) Computer Engineering 04
4) Information Technology 05
5) Mechanical Engineering 06
6) Electrical Engineering 02
7) Civil Engineering 01

This year onwards Department of Management Studies committed towards assisting the innovations for

  • Phase-II: Opportunity Evaluation Meet
  • PHASE-VI: Business Modelling and Planning
  • PHASE-VIII: Entrepreneur Summit
  • PHASE-IX: Product Development

Idea Generation Symposium is the process of creating, developing, and communicating ideas which are abstract, concrete, or visual. The process includes the process of constructing through the idea, innovating the concept, developing the process, and bringing the concept to reality.Here we Brainstorm to our Young Innovators about the society and industrial problems so to find commercially viable ideas.