Women Grievance Committees

Academic Year 2021-22

Academic Year 2020-21

Academic Year 2019-20

Women Grievance Committee- 2019-20

Self Defence Program

Academic Year 2018-19

Emotional Management

Self Defence Program

Academic Year 2017-18

Maazi Me

Womens Day 2018

Academic Year 2016-17

Expert Obesity

Academic Year 205-16

Health Education Program Depression

Nutrition and Heamoglobin Estimation

Academic Year 2014-15

Health Education Program Depression 2015

Gender Sensatization with Introduction to Laws & Regulations Regarding Women

Stress Management with Respect to Exam

Balancing study or Career & Personal Responsiblities

Self Defence- Sexual Harassment Recognition and Reaction

Psychological Health Impulsive Behaviour and it’s consequences

Academic Year 2013-14

Academic Year 2012-13