Membership and Rules

Library Membership

  • All students, who have taken admission in college.
  • All faculty members of the college.
  • College Authorities.
  • Educational Institutes / colleges in the Campus by ILL.

Library Rules

  • Identity Card is compulsory for getting access to the Library.
  • Personal belongings (Bags / Files / Folders, etc) are not allowed inside the Library, keep it at property counter.
  • Make an entry in the register which is kept at the entrance.
  • A Book will be issued to a Student / Faculty for stipulated time and renew only once.
  • Student have to return the Books on or before due date, If anyone fails to return the Books within the specified date, the Student will have to pay fine Rs. 1/- Per day.
  • Any Student / Faculty damaged / lost the Book have to replace it or have to pay its double cost, in addition to Rs. 50/- as a processing Fee.
  • Journals / Magazines, Dictionaries, Bound Volumes and Reference Books from the reference sections will not issue for home reading to Student / Faculty.
  • In Reading Room, Students have to maintain silence.
  • Use of mobile phone in Library is strictly prohibited.

Library Membership Form