Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

The educational objectives are long term goals set for our students. The Bachelor of Engineering program specialised in Mechanical Engineering has three educational objectives. Our programs are designed to prepare students for achieving these objectives after four to five years of their graduation.
Graduate Mechanical Engineers will be able:

  • PEO1 To pursue and establish the career in Mechanical Engineering.
  • PEO2  To demonstrate personal growth by pursuing higher studies, professional development course and/or engineering certifications.
  • PEO3  To inculcate entrepreneurship skills and nurture the ethics in the domain.


After successful completion of the program, a student will be able to

  1. Engineering Knowledge – apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to solve the real life problems in Mechanical systems.[I]
  2. Problem Analysis – identify, formulate and solve Mechanical Engineering problems in thermal, manufacturing and machine design and conduct new experiments.[I]
  3. Design/development of Solutions – design systems like thermal, robotics, mechatronics and machines within realistic constraints. [III]
  4. Conduct investigations of complex problems – design and conduct experiments to interpret data and analyse the results.[I,IIII]
  5. Modern Tool Usage – to develop awareness and work on emerging technologies like CAD/CAM softwares, Robotics.[II]
  6. The engineer and society – understand the impact of an engineer in general and Mechanical Engineering knowledge for welfare of society in particular.[I,II,III]
  7. Environment and Sustainability – develop or modify eco-friendly and highly reliable as well as sustainable systems.[I,III]
  8. Ethics – take professional decision with a sense of ethical responsibility. [I]
  9. Individual and team work – function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in multidisciplinary and/or cross cultural teams. [I]
  10. Communication – communicate effectively for achievements of goals. [I,II]
  11. Project Management and Finance – execute disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects in day-to-day life. [I,II]
  12. Life-Long Learning – to imbibe habit of lifelong learning. [II,III]

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO1: Professional skills – Graduates will engage in higher studies, research and other continuous professional development activities.
PSO2: Problem solving skills – Graduate will demonstrate the ability to provide solutions to social, technical and business challenges.
PSO3: Successful career and Entrepreneurship – Graduate will demonstrate the ability to cater the needs of mechanical industries.